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My intention as a supervisor is to facilitate the supervisee to become the uniquely individual counsellor they have in them to be. My endeavour is to facilitate the supervisee’s understanding and knowledge of self as counsellor, in the same way a counsellor facilitates a client’s understanding and knowledge of self. An important part of the process of supervision, for me, is getting to know each supervisee, as counsellors and individuals whose experiences outside of the counselling room inevitably have an impact on their work.

What comes up for me over and over again when I consider my work as supervisor, is a desire to work in a collaborative way, to work hard to equalise the power in the relationship, as much as I am able. To appreciate that the supervisee and I, come into the room as unique individuals, both carrying experience, knowledge and individual understanding, which are of equal value. What I want for the supervisees that I work with is to develop a sense of trust in themselves, to be able to lean on their experience and understanding in the counselling room. To value their unique selves and all that they bring.

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‘One of the things I so consistently can hear from you and experience from you is a commitment to equality in relationship… this real commitment towards offering a relationship that feels equal and therefore feels safe.’

'Your sensitive vision for the queering of standards and norms especially when thinking about neurodiversity and the queer experience, informed by your own self-awareness, brings a much-needed service for folk who will resonate.'

‘What I really appreciate is how you can put words to things that I can’t quite express. When you say it, I think gosh, that’s exactly what I’m feeling... I really appreciate your honesty and your presence as well....’

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