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Privacy Policy

This privacy policy explains how I use any personal information when you contact me either via telephone or email and during any contracted counselling sessions.

What personal data do I collect and why:

Contact information: Your name, email address, telephone number, emergency contact and GP's details (if you provide them)

This data is retained for the duration of contracted therapy, or until your initial enquiry is resolved. It is then deleted within two weeks, or two weeks after therapy ends. Your email address will be stored in my email account which is password protected. Your telephone number is stored within my call or text messages log, my phone has a security pin. 

Clinical notes in digital format

This is where I record personal information that is relevant to your therapy and sessions. This can include information regarding your gender, age, employment, relationships, life experience, thoughts and feelings, as well as more sensitive information regarding medication, physical or mental health conditions. I use a code as a reference to each client to maintain confidentiality, therefore no names are used, to prevent identification. The files are password protected on a password protected computer, kept in a locked room. These notes are retained for 7 years for insurance purposes in case of a claim. They are then deleted.

Sharing your personal data:

I do not use any of your personal data for marketing purposes, and will not share or sell your personal information to third parties. The exception to this is if you have requested me to do so, or I am required to fulfil a legal duty by a court order. For safeguarding yourself or someone else I may have to share your personal data with another healthcare professional. Where statutory law requires me to inform the relevant authorities regarding terrorist activities, drug or people trafficking or abuse of a child or vulnerable adult, I will inform you of what information has been shared, when and to whom.


If you have any concerns over how I have handled your personal data you can complain to the Information Commissioners Office ICO where I am registered as a data controller.

ICO Helpline 0303 123 1113 or website

How to contact me:

For any queries or requests you can contact me by telephone: 07834 780756. By email: 

This privacy policy was updated on 23.02.204

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