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My primary aim as a counsellor is to listen: To listen wholeheartedly, actively, with my full attention, without critique or  judgment. My intention is to hear all of what you are saying, to share and check my understanding with you, in order to be alongside you in whatever is troubling you.  Rather than applying analysis and diagnoses from the outside, my endeavour is to work hand in hand with you to identify and explore what is troubling you and to find a way through and beyond your difficulties. 

Counselling is different to any other relationship in that the focus of attention is on you, it’s your opportunity to take time and space for yourself and your needs. Counselling offers the potential to develop a greater understanding of  yourself and as a result of that understanding, the potential to  trust and listen to yourself more deeply. This can ultimately lead to greater self-confidence, contentment and satisfaction. 

Whilst I have experience in working with all kinds of issues, including anxiety, depression, bereavement and loss, self-esteem and self-worth, I have a particular interest in working with neurodiversity and gender, relationship and sexual diversity and body image. I also enjoy working creatively. My work is informed by my personal  practice of mindful self-compassion. 

I appreciate that the beginning of a new counselling relationship involves a whole host of feelings. Taking those first steps into the unknown can be really challenging. Knowing where to go and who to see can be a difficult and confusing decision to make. Understanding this I offer introductory sessions with no obligation to go further. This offers the opportunity for us to meet one another and you can experience something of what counselling is like. During that time we can learn more about each other and discuss what it is you would like to gain from counselling. If I feel that I am not able to help you I will offer suggestions of where you might go next. 

You might find this article helpful to read when considering  counselling: What Do You Want From Counselling?

If you would like to find out more please do contact me with any questions or queries. If you'd like to book an Introductory session please click on the button below.



'You have enabled me to be strong and helped me work through my toughest times.

You have helped me achieve my goals of working through my grief and given me tools to help me deal with ongoing hardships.

You've helped me realise my self worth. I now have some body confidence which has helped my relationship with my husband. I have learned that I can care for others but I must and can also care for myself and that, that is OK.'

'The therapy helped me see I was worth more and I deserve to be treated with love and respect! I feel so much more confident going forwards.' 


'Your non-judgmental, compassionate way of working with me made a huge difference.'

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